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STUDENT REGISTRATION Instructions (please read carefully)

You can register in two different ways-- with a School ID or without a School ID.
  1. If you use your School's ID, you can register with any username you want.
  2. If you do not use a School ID (either because you are not associated with a school or because your teacher chose not to provide it), then you must use a valid email address as your username.

NOTICE: Your teachers will have access to your username and password.

TEACHER REGISTRATION Instructions (please read carefully)

Before you register as a teacher, you should have access to your school/homeschool account information with us. If you are not associated with a school or homeschool account with us yet, click here to create one. Once you have the school id from us for your account, you can create your teacher account here.

Find your School's ID
As students know you, for example: Sra. Smith

SCHOOL/HOMESCHOOL REGISTRATION Instructions (please read carefully)

If you are an educator and wish to create your own activities and/or receive scores from your students, your first step is to create a School/Homeschool account with us below. After registration, your will receive an email from us with a School ID and an account activation link. If you already have a school account and know your school id, click here to create a teacher account.

Format: 555-555-5555

OPTIONAL:Teacher Registration Form

If you are a teacher who would like to use this site with your students, please fill the fields below. Otherwise, leave blank and teachers may register later.