Los Tres Reyes Magos


Instructions: You will listen to the video as a group. As you listen, write down meaningful words that you recognized from the video. Meaningful words means nouns, verbs, adjectives... not articles like "la" and such.

ACTIVITY. Answer each question below. Switch questions to Spanish.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________ In what month is the day of the three wise men celebrated?
  2. _____________________________________________________________________ People say that Christmas parties in Puerto Rico are very ____.
  3. _____________________________________________________________________ What do kings put under the beds of children?
  4. _____________________________________________________________________ In traditional history, kings find Jesus thanks to a ... what?
  5. _____________________________________________________________________ Different towns celebrate celebrations commemorating the _____ of the town.
  6. _____________________________________________________________________ How many weeks do these parties last?
  7. _____________________________________________________________________ What month are the celebrations of Candelaria celebrated?
  8. _____________________________________________________________________ In which town of Puerto Rico are celebrations of Candelaria?
  9. _____________________________________________________________________ On what date are the celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe celebrated?
  10. _____________________________________________________________________ What types of foods are eaten at these parties?
  11. _____________________________________________________________________ ??What is celebrated the first day in these holidays?