Las emociones


Instructions: You will listen to the video as a group. As you listen, write down meaningful words that you recognized from the video. Meaningful words means nouns, verbs, adjectives... not articles like "la" and such.

ACTIVITY. Answer each question below. Switch questions to Spanish.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________ When she is late at work she feels _____.
  2. _____________________________________________________________________ She sometimes does not brush her teeth when she feels _____.
  3. _____________________________________________________________________ She talks to her friends or her boyfriend when she feels _____.
  4. _____________________________________________________________________ She speaks more quickly when she feels _____.
  5. _____________________________________________________________________ She calls her boyfriend when she feels _____.
  6. _____________________________________________________________________ She cries a lot when she feels _____.
  7. _____________________________________________________________________ She does not cook when she feels _____.
  8. _____________________________________________________________________ She gets _____ with people when she feels angry.
  9. _____________________________________________________________________ She laughs a lot when she feels _____.
  10. _____________________________________________________________________ She raises her hands when she feels _____.
  11. _____________________________________________________________________ She uses bad words when she feels _____.
  12. _____________________________________________________________________ At some point in the month she feels _____.