La familia


Instructions: You will listen to the video as a group. As you listen, write down meaningful words that you recognized from the video. Meaningful words means nouns, verbs, adjectives... not articles like "la" and such.

ACTIVITY. Answer each question below. Switch questions to Spanish.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________ How many people are there in Fran's family?
  2. _____________________________________________________________________ How old is the father José Luis?
  3. _____________________________________________________________________ How is the father in personality?
  4. _____________________________________________________________________ His father does not have ___.
  5. _____________________________________________________________________ His father really likes ____.
  6. _____________________________________________________________________ How old is María José?
  7. _____________________________________________________________________ What is she like?
  8. _____________________________________________________________________ What does she like to do?
  9. _____________________________________________________________________ What does mother and father do not like to do?
  10. _____________________________________________________________________ How old is his brother?
  11. _____________________________________________________________________ What 2 things does brother like?
  12. _____________________________________________________________________ Where does the brother live?