Los pasatiempos


Instructions: You will listen to the video as a group. As you listen, write down meaningful words that you recognized from the video. Meaningful words means nouns, verbs, adjectives... not articles like "la" and such.

ACTIVITY. Answer each question below. Switch questions to Spanish.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________ What's his favorite restaurant's name?
  2. _____________________________________________________________________ What does he eat at this restaurant?
  3. _____________________________________________________________________ Fran liked Jurassic Park because he always liked ___.
  4. _____________________________________________________________________ What synonym for PASATIEMPOS does he use?
  5. _____________________________________________________________________ What does he like to do?
  6. _____________________________________________________________________ How many hours does he dance salsa per week?
  7. _____________________________________________________________________ He likes to visit ___.
  8. _____________________________________________________________________ What 2 types of music doe he listen to?
  9. _____________________________________________________________________ What instruments did he used to play?