La comida


Instructions: You will listen to the video as a group. As you listen, write down meaningful words that you recognized from the video. Meaningful words means nouns, verbs, adjectives... not articles like "la" and such.

ACTIVITY. Answer each question below. Switch questions to Spanish.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________ What does she put in her bread?
  2. _____________________________________________________________________ What does she drink for breakfast?
  3. _____________________________________________________________________ What time does she eat breakfast?
  4. _____________________________________________________________________ What does she drink for lunch?
  5. _____________________________________________________________________ What foods does she mention for dinner?
  6. _____________________________________________________________________ What brand is the first coffee?
  7. _____________________________________________________________________ Cuba's coffee is more ____ than coffee in the US.
  8. _____________________________________________________________________ Cuba's coffee is not so ____.
  9. _____________________________________________________________________ In Cuba people put a lot ____ in their coffee.
  10. _____________________________________________________________________ What does she use to make coffee at home?
  11. _____________________________________________________________________ The rum comes from the ____.
  12. _____________________________________________________________________ Which drink does she mention that uses rum and sugar and lemon soda?
  13. _____________________________________________________________________ She drinks rum when she ____ domino.