Present Tense (reflexive verbs)

Conjuguemos Verb Chart

acostarse | to go to bed

afeitarse | to shave oneself

arrepentirse | to regret

asombrarse | to get surprised

calmarse | to calm oneself

cepillarse | to brush oneself

despertarse | to wake up

divertirse | to have a good time

dormirse | to fall asleep

ducharse | to take a shower

enfadarse | to become angry

lavarse | to wash oneself

levantarse | to get up

llamarse | to call oneself

maquillarse | to put on make-up

merecerse | to deserve

pararse | to stop (oneself)

peinarse | to comb one's hair

ponerse | to put on/to become (emotion)

preocuparse | to be worried

quedarse | to remain

quitarse | to take off

secarse | to dry oneself

sentarse | to sit down

sentirse | to feel (well/ ill)

vestirse | to get dressed