at the end ofau fond de
bath mittun gant de toilette
hallun couloir
high, tall (f)haute
high, tall (m)haut
himself, herself, oneself, themselvesse
mirrorune glace
raceune course
shampoole shampooing
soaple savon
to brushse brosser
to get alongsympathiser
to get dresseds'habiller
to get upse lever
to go to bedse coucher
to look at oneselfse regarder
to undressse déshabiller
to wake upse réveiller
to wash (oneself)se laver
toiletriesdes affaires de toilette
toothbrushune brosse à dents
toothpastele dentifrice
towelune serviette
universityune fac
yourself (informal)te
yourself, yourselves (formal, plural)vous