I can't stand anyone who's rudeno aguanto a nadie que sea descortés
I didn't mean to do itlo hice sin querer
I look for someonebusco a alguien
I won't do it againno lo volveré a hacer
I won't do it anymoreno lo haré más
I'm very sorry. I didn't know.lo siento mucho, es que no sabía
boyfriendel novio
forgive mediscúlpame/perdóname
girlfriendla novia
not to keep secretsno guardar los secretos
to admit a mistakeadmitir un error
to be disloyalser desleal
to be jealous oftener celos de
to be unfaithfulser infiel
to blame someone elseecharle la culpa a otro
to break up with someoneromper con
to buy someone a giftcomprarle un regalo
to discuss the problemdiscutir el problema
to give oneself time to thinkdarse tiempo para pensar
to give someone a hugdarle un abrazo
to insultinsultar
to liementir
to make a mistakecometer un error
to respect someone's feelingsrespetar sus sentimientos
who knowsque sepa
who likesa quien le guste (n)
who won't be jealous ofque no tenga celos de
who'll always tell meque siempre me diga
who'll never lie to meque nunca me mienta
who'll respectque respete
who'll support meque me apoye