carefree (both plur forms)despreocupados, despreocupadas
compulsive (both sing forms)maniático, maniática
evil (both fem forms)malvada, malvadas
foul-mouthed (both masc forms)malhablado, malhablados
good natured (both fem forms)bondadosa, bondadosas
happy (both masc forms)dichoso, dichosos
honest (both plur forms)honrados, honradas
lying, false (both plur forms)mentirosos, mentirosas
nasty, vulgar (both sing forms)grosero, grosera
outgoing (both sing forms)desenvuelto, desenvuelta
rough, rude (both sing forms)rudo, ruda
successful (both fem forms)exitosa, exitosas
the (mental or physical) upsetel trastorno
the chauffeurel chofer
the confidencela confianza
the embarrassmentla vergüenza
the goal, aimla meta
the law officeel bufete
the lifela vida
the memory, capacity to rememberla memoria
the memory, remembranceel recuerdo
the personality, characterel carácter
the self esteemla autoestima
the staturela estatura
to afflictafligir
to behave wellportarse bien
to calmtranquilizar
to calm oneself downtranquilizarse
to defeat, overcomevencer
to devote oneself wholly, surrenderentregarse
to disappointdesilusionar
to excelsuperarse
to fall in loveenamorarse
to fightluchar
to get used toacostumbrarse a
to isolateaislar
to isolate oneself, withdrawaislarse
to liementir
to misbehaveportarse mal
to put up with, toleratesoportar
to rebellrebelarse
to relaxrelajarse
to supportapoyar
upset (both masc. forms)afligido, afligidos