the auntla tía
the aunt and unclelos tíos
the catel gato
the childrenlos hijos
the cousinslos primos
the daughterla hija
the dogel perro
the familyla familia
the fatherel padre
the female cousinla prima
the grandchildrenlos nietos
the granddaughterla nieta
the grandfatherel abuelo
the grandmotherla abuela
the grandparentslos abuelos
the grandsonel nieto
the husbandel esposo
the male cousinel primo
the motherla madre
the nephewel sobrino
the niecela sobrina
the nieces and nephewslos sobrinos
the parentslos padres
the sonel hijo
the uncleel tío
the wifela esposa
the womanla mujer
to havetener