by boaten barco
by planeen avión
by trainen tren
cityla ciudad
combel peine
hair dryerel secador de pelo
hotelel hotel
on vacationde vacaciones
routinela rutina
shampooel champú
soapel jabón
the country/ countrysideel campo
to brush one's teethcepillarse los dientes
to comb one's hairpeinarse
to dry one's hairsecarse el pelo
to dry oneselfsecarse
to fall asleepdormirse
to get dressedvestirse
to get uplevantarse
to go to bedacostarse
to put on clothesponerse la ropa
to put on makeupmaquillarse
to shave oneselfafeitarse
to stay inquedarse en
to take a bathbañarse
to take a showerducharse
to take a triphacer un viaje
to wait foresperar
to wake updespertarse
to wash one's facelavarse la cara
to wash oneselflavarse
tooth brushel cepillo de dientes
toothpastela pasta de dientes
towella toalla
vacationlas vacaciones