Can I...?Est-ce que je peux...?
Is that OK with you?Tu es d'accord?
No, that's impossibleNon, c'est pas possible
No, you've got to...Non, tu dois...
OK, if you...D'accord, si tu...
Out of the question!Pas question!
Yes, if you want toOui, si tu veux
Yes, of courseOui, bien sûr
to clean housefaire le ménage
to clear the tabledébarrasser la table
to do the dishesfaire la vaisselle
to do the shoppingfaire les courses
to look after...garder
to mow the lawntondre le gazon
to pick up your roomranger ta chambre
to take out the trashsortir la poubelle
to vacuumpaser l'aspirateur
to walk the dogpromener le chien
to wash the carlaver la voiture
why not?Pourquoi pas?