bad luckquelle malchance
don't worry/don't feel badne t en fais pas
friendshipde l amitié
instinctive likingde la sympathie
jealousyde la jalousie
things will be okça s arrangera
to agree withêtre d accord
to be happyse réjouir
to be upset atse fâcher
to break up withrompre
to congratulateféliciter
to fall in love withtomber amoureux de
to fall in love with at first sightavoir le coup de foudre pour
to feel sorry forplaindre
to get along withs entendre bien
to have a fightse quereller
to have an arguementse disputer
to likeaimer bien
to loveaimer
to make up withse réconcilier
to trustavoir confiance
trustune confiance