to belong toappartenir à
to bitemordre
to care forsoigner
to comb(se) peigner
to complain(se) plaindre
to covercouvrir
to deservemériter
to discussdiscuter
to earn, to wingagner
to embarrass, to bothergêner
to fight(se) battre
to fillremplir
to followsuivre
to guessdeviner
to happen, to arrivearriver
to increaseaugmenter
to keepgarder
to leavelaisser/quitter
to look likeressembler à
to measuremesurer
to mixmélanger
to namenommer
to paintpeindre
to pourverser
to promisepromettre
to reachatteindre
to receiverecevoir
to reflectréfléchir
to reignrégner
to resolve, to solve a problemrésoudre
to ringsonner
to seem, to appearparaître
to skatepatiner
to stay, to remainrester
to stoparrêter
to surroundentourer
to tell (a story)raconter
to warnprévenir
to wetmouiller