(in order) topour
a salesperson (f)une vendeuse
a salesperson (m)un vendeur
a sizeune taille
big, tall, large (f)grande
big, tall, large (m)grand
cheapbon marché
colorune couleur
eveningun soir
excuse meexcusez-moi
expensive (f)chère
expensive (m)cher
here is/here arevoici
long (f)longue
long (m)long
new (f)nouvelle
new (m, consonant)nouveau
old (f)vieille
old (m, consonant)vieux
on saleen solde
outfitun ensemble
pretty (f)jolie
pretty (m)joli
salesdes soldes
short (f)courte
short (m)court
short, little, small (f)petite
short, little, small (m)petit
there is, there areil y a
thingune chose
to buyacheter
to loveadorer
to sellvendre
to wear size #faire du #